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Start Thinking About Bedtime Like It's Exercise

Now that Thanksgiving is over it may be worthwhile to devote a few posts to conflict resolution, however, we can always revisit that idea, and a little time to blow off steam is never a bad thing.

A pertinent issue that is relevant year round is sleep and our reluctance to actually go to sleep. 'Bedtime Procrastination' is a relatively new term coined by Dutch researchers and it affects many. Whether watching another episode of whatever it is you are currently watching on Netflix, or scrolling down your endless Instagram or Facebook mini feed, there are countless ways to waste time and avoid sleep. However, the problem with screen time before bed is that it interferes with the hormones that make us sleepy, which in turn, can ultimately make sleep even more elusive.

The solution? A good old bedtime routine that nixes screen time right before sleep. The way to make sure you adhere to bedtime? According to New York Magazine, the best way is to treat it like exercise and buddy up. We are more likely to adhere to it if we have the support and accountability we need.

Now go to bed!

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