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Politics Dividing Relationships - and Thanksgiving, Too

If the impending Thanksgiving holiday is causing you some anxiety, or making you feel more worry than gratitude, you're not the only one. As the New York Times reports, the recent controversial election is significantly impacting interpersonal relationships, and even causing some to forgo the festivities all together. (Note the lack of bodies in the carefully chosen accompanying image, except for that of the bird, of course. )

Holidays can be difficult, even when they don't coincide with major political events, and being together with family, or the people we consider "closest" to us, can also give rise to old dynamics that can leave us feeling less than our best. Whether on-edge, misunderstood, judged, overwhelmed, the list can obviously be a long one.

With that said, whether you are celebrating Thanksgiving or choosing to opt out like the people in the article, understanding that it is a stressful time for many, especially in light of recent political events, may alleviate some of the charge or difficulty surrounding the day. Through the process of normalizing your experience you may also achieve a greater tolerance or compassion for what you are feeling. That, coupled with a fair number of controlled deep breaths if you choose to celebrate with others, (See blog post entitled "Breathe. Control. Repeat.") may help you find yourself more fortified and able to cope on the day itself. It may even make you thankful for your ability to do so.

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