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Kids: Behavioral Problems or Poor Sleep?

With autumn's leaves in their full glory, summer can feel like a distant memory, yet some parents still struggle with regaining control over a structured bedtime at a reasonable hour on a school night.

The struggle of bedtime is real for many parents, yet the importance of sleep for a developing child cannot be overlooked. Research points to sleep as a major contributor of a child's ability to emotionally regulate and an important factor when considering behavioral problems.

For parents, it can be hard to decipher whether the difficulties they are experiencing with their children are actually due to behavioral problems or poor sleep. Considering that the two are directly correlated, it can be very difficult to break the negative cycle as well as figure out the source of the issue.

With that said, bedtime can be especially challenging for children with behavioral problems, but luckily, there are things to do to alleviate some of the hardships of bedtime. Turning off screens (whether they be tvs, tablets or phones,) a few hours before bedtime, as well as a consistent structured routine at the same time every evening that incorporates nurturing activities, such as stories or a foot massage, can all help.

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