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The Powerful Letter The Stanford Survivor Read Aloud To Her Attacker

I hesitated whether to post this extremely powerful letter because I want this blog to be a therapeutic space and don’t want the content to serve as a trigger to anyone who has survived sexual trauma. However, with that said, I found the words of this woman to be too important to ignore, and her courage and resiliency to be too astounding not to share. Towards the end of the letter, the survivor thanks the various people in her life who served as a source of support and references having learned with her therapist to find the courage within her vulnerability. The amount of courage it took for this woman to confront her attacker and share her trauma and journey of recovery in such detail with the world is beyond remarkable. This letter should become required reading for all first semester college students as a part of their orientation to school with a specific focus on the definition of consent.

The following link is the full letter read aloud to her attacker in court, the content is graphic.

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