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Loneliness May Be Bad For Your Heart

According to a New York Times article, loneliness may be bad for your heart in a very literal sense. The findings indicate that social isolation or loneliness can increase one's risk of heart attack, angina, death from heart disease and risk of stroke, by more than 25% percent, regardless of sex. A scary finding.

Our social networks, comprised of supportive family, friendships, romantic relationships and community, are what keep us healthy. Therefore, the time, attention, effort, and energy we spend on these relationships is well worth it when you consider the important role these relationships have in keeping us emotionally and physically healthy. The deleterious affects of loneliness and isolation, which include physical health risks and mental illness, are too serious to ignore.

This article is an important reminder to pick up the phone and make plans with a friend or reach out to a person you care about whom you haven't spoken to in awhile. The findings prove that your efforts will be rewarded.

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