I continue to be inspired by the power of the therapeutic relationship, and its ability to support clients as they courageously work through personal challenges. Whether it's relationship issues, depression, anxiety, grief, eating disorders, trauma, or other issues, I offer a nurturing and non-judgmental environment to explore what is bringing you into therapy, and work together with you to help facilitate the growth you are seeking for yourself.

My approach to treatment incorporates various techniques that include mindfulness, EMDR, parts work, AEDP, and cognitive interventions, among othersto best suit the specific needs of each client.

Davina Kevelson, LMHC



At times it can be hard to identify the specific reason bringing us into therapy, and making an appointment can be a difficult first step. Regardless of what is bringing you in, together, in a supportive environment, we can work collaboratively to help facilitate the growth you are seeking in your life. 


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